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w załącznikach powtórzenie z angielskich czasów, słownictwa i środków językowych.
Pamiętajcie o sprawdzeniu z odpowiedziami. Good luck ;)

EXERCISE 1 Can you guess the missing words?


a I am going on a _________________ tonight, so I won’t be able to see you.

b What’s the _________________ of our next meeting?


a John and Mary got _________________ the other day. I’m really thrilled for them.

b I can’t get through to Martin. His phone is _________________ all the time.


a This pencil has a sharp _________________. Be careful.

b There is no _________________ in asking him for help. He’ll refuse anyway.


a Helen has really _________________ hair. It’s even lighter than mine.

b The referee’s decision to send the player off was not _________________. It wasn’t a foul at all.


a My father works for an international _________________.

b Jack is great _________________. He’s so cheerful and he always makes me laugh.


a We have a _________________ room in our house in case we have any visitors.

b What do you do in your _________________ time?


a I need to _________________ my phone. The battery is running low.

b How much do they _________________ for this service? I hope it’s not too expensive.


a My _________________ said we needed to concentrate more if we wanted to win the match.

b We went to Prague by _________________. It didn’t take very long.


1 date

2 engaged

3 point

4 fair

5 company

6 spare

7 charge

8 coach


Another set of exercises (with the answers) is here: 1. 2.


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